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Italy, Day 1 and 2

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T Minus 1.5 Days

T Minus 1.5 days

I went to see my lovely family yesterday for a pre birthday celebration. My dad and I almost share the same birthdays, he's 11/14 and I'm 11/16. Since I probably won't see them again until Thanksgiving (due to the San Mateo Motorcycle Show), we had an early birthday celebration last night with my family. It was great to go home and have home cooked Korean food that I can't get anywhere except from my mom.

I also came home with a slightly different carry on roller to minimize the number of bags I'll be taking with me. I planned on taking my Ogio in addition to my roll on but I forgot that our lovely friends with the TSA only allow us to bring 1 + 1 carry on. So I'll be packing super light!

I've finally put together a "To See" list of all the booths I want to visit. It's already long and keeps getting longer. I'm going to do my best to hit all of the booths I can and bring back as many photos as possible. I need to figure out which shoes to wear those days. I think my feet are going to be screaming at me by the end.

As you can see from the floorplan above, there are seven (7) pavilions to explore. Not only that, but they also have a whole outdoor racing area including flat track, quad freestyle, drag racing, and stunt show! Crazy. I only wish our shows could be this large.

I'll only have 2 full days at the show so I'll need to be as efficient as possible. I hear the crowds are insane, so I guess I'll practice using "Permesso" in my sweetest voice as I squeeze my way through the hordes of fellow moto enthusiasts.

Aprilia, Piaggio
Alt Rider
Aprilia, Piaggio
Arlen Ness Italy
Forma , SDE
Giant loop
Gripn ride
Mission motors
Moto guzzi
MV Agusta
Roland Sands
Royal enfield
Sw motech
US Area

Trip Planning for Milan

T Minus 5 days!  I was warned by the Cycle World team that they will be taking photos and videos of us when we land (after 9+ hours in Milan to start documenting our journey.  Let's just say I'm not the happiest camper when I've been flying that long.... Since then I've been thinking about how I can look my almost best when disembarking.

Thinking about this conjures up an image of a beautiful, fresh Victoria Beckham as she lands at Heathrow airport:

But I know that's impossible. So if I can avoid looking like this (Lily Allen), I think that'll be a happy medium.


Someone asked me the other day if I had started packing for Italy.  That got me thinking, I typically don't start packing for these kinds of trips until the day before.  How will I know if I have enough room for all my crap?

I think I've settled on trying to get away with just these pieces for 6 days:

Traveling light in Europe for 6 days.

(from left to right: Ogio helmet bag, Thule Crossover 38LRickshaw Zero Messenger bag)

So my plan is to pack as efficiently as possible so that I will have a wide variety of lovely outfits that can be combined to work both during the day at EICMA and the evening at dinner with my co guest contributors.

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Leo Vince and Spidi

Carbon Fiber ExhaustLeather Womens Motorcycle Jacket  

I can't wait to meet you in person! Those are the two factories we'll be touring during my week in Italy. I'm thrilled that one of the factories is gear related. I can't wait to see how and where gear is made, who makes it and more.

Looks like I'll be at Leo on the 11th and Spidi on the 14th. Look for my tweets/posts on those days to see what I get to see. I'll My posts will appear on both my blog and the CWIA blog as well. Here are all the ways you can follow me, so there's no excuse!

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