Hello EICMA. See you in Milan!

I recently submitted my application to Cycle World's Italian Adventure program to go to Milan (attend the EICMA 2011 Show -69th International Motorcycle Exhibition)......

I believe I'll be leaving on November 9th, returning on the 15th. Just in time to celebrate my birthday on the 16th. :)

Presumably, on my last day in Italy, I'll be taken on two factory tours of a couple major motorcycle manufacturers.  I haven't been told who these mysterious manufacturers are, but I'm going to place my bets that it's Ducati and MV Agusta.  Unfortunately I won't be doing any riding, just attending the EICMA show and the tours. How will I ever survive?

If you've never heard of EICMA, it's a huge motorcycle show that takes place annually in Italy.   Some facts (EICMA USA website):

  • Founded in 1920 and is comprised of 170 companies
  • The 2010 EICMA was the largest motorcycle show ever registered since the show began in 1914
  • The EICMA is the only non-for-profit Motorcycle Trade Show in the WORLD.  All proceeds from the show go towards the activities of the ANCMA - The Italian Motorcycle Manufacturers Association.
  • In 2010, 39 countries were represented with 1,157 brands on display. Incredible!
  • www.eicma.it/en

I am excited to see new motorcycles and manufacturers that we've never seen in the US. I also can't wait to see all the GEARRRRRRR that we don't get here!  I am told that there are far more riders in Europe and hope to bring back some concrete information to support that.

Since I'm only allowed to bring myself, the only way you can come along is if you Like our Fan Pages on Facebook. I'll be posting updates practically every hour that I'm there, along with daily videos, photos and blog posts.