Extra Extra Small Women's Motorcycle Gloves

Just in time for summer. Dainese has come out with not only 1, but 2 pairs of gloves in 2XS to provide options for women with very very small hands.  Or, if you have a youngster just learning to ride and he/she needs smaller gloves now you have two pairs to choose from!

Neither of these gloves are precurved very much, which for me is a dealbreaker. A glove that has a lot of precurve in the fingers, palms, etc. like these will reduce fatigue while using your hand controls for long periods of time. The last thing I want is for my hand to fit the gloves because they're not fitting me right.

I'm always a fan of more protection than not so I'm going to recommend the Air Hero's ($95) first with the added hard knuckles and slightly increased leather coverage. You never know where your hands are going to end up.



The second pair is much lighter but still has a full leather palm (which is a MUST). The Air Migs are also quite ventilated but are lacking in any hard knuckle protection.



There are multiple colors available and again, are offered in 2XS! Woo hoo.