Spectrum Reflective Safety Vests

Spectrum High Visibility Vest

Looking for an ultra reflective vest with funky stripes? These new vests by Spectrum are a little better than your average safety vest. 

Using a combination of Corduro and 3M Reflective tape, these vests are more durable, brighter and will last longer than most reflective vests. 

 Pictured Above: Blue Chrome E Reflective, $149 http://www.spectrumultrasports.com/blue-chrome-e-reflective-vest/

I've seen a couple in person and they're pretty strong visually. I'd wear one, but I really really like my jackets and they way they look. (Yes, I do value style over function to a degree) 

I definitely would wear one for night riding. I generally don't ride long distance at night, mostly riding around San Francisco. My jackets all have a little bit of reflectivity and I'm normally carrying my Timbuk2, which has a huge center reflective strip. 

If you are considering a safety vest and want something durable and dare I say it, cool, check these out. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. 

Prices:  $149 - $189. 

Where to Buy: http://www.spectrumultrasports.com/