Schuberth C3 Pro Women Modular Helmet

schuberth modular motorcycle helmet c3w pro


Recently, Schuberth announced an upgrade of the popular C3W. Introducing the C3 Pro Women.

Yep, that's pink. Pearl pink. Although I am not a fan of pink... I am a fan of Schuberth. 

Schuberth refers to this helmet as a woman's helmet. I have to somewhat disagree with that statement, because I just don't believe there is such a thing. But, I do believe that most women (~75%) wear size XXS-M. It's not often that I fit women in more than a medium.

And this is what Sarah Schilke, Marketing and PR Manager/Schuberth North America had to say regarding this issue: 

3/18/2013: Regarding the fit for women. The whole women's project came about when Schuberth engineers discovered some research a major cosmetic company did on women's head and facial structure (in multiple countries) which concluded that (in general) women have smaller heads than men, a narrower jaw and higher, more prominent cheekbones. So the W models have a different contour in the cheekpad for that facial structure.

And with the C3 Pro Women, they've made an effort to fit more women. I normally am an XS and I just can't wear one in that size comfortably. I have to wear a S. Something about the shape is really uncomfortable on my forehead and sits up too high. This is based on the C3W, not the pro version. Hopefully I'll be able to test one out next month for Schuberth. I'm looking forward to especially testing one of the 'quietest helmets in the world'. I'll also get to test out their SRC audio system which is made by Cardo. So if you ride with anyone who has a Cardo system, you can connect with them too.  

And regarding the offering of pink as a color, Schuberth made it in response to customer demands. I would love to know how many of these women are riders v. passengers, because I've only met a couple of women that wanted a pink helmet..... hmmmm.

If you are considering a modular or flip up helmet, you can't go wrong with anything in the C3 series. They've been making modulars for a really long time and have made what many people consider to be the best one out there. 

Here's a real life photo of the Pro featuring the new rose colored liner: 

schuberth c3 pro women modular helmet


  • MSRP $769
  • Colors: Pearl Pink, Matte Black, Silver, Pearl White
  • ruby colored lining
  • improved ventilation
  • even quieter than before
  • FM and bluetooth antenna connection integrated into the helmet for stronger reception with the SRC system
  • new color option; pearl pink
  • interior fitted for Female head and facial structure
  • antibacterial, hypoallergenic microfiber liner
  • aero spoiler - minimizes buffeting and lift
  • integrated sun visor
  • patented anti-roll-off-system (AROS)
  • removable C3/women decals
  • 360 degree visbility with reflective decals including the Schuberth logo, neckroll and triangular decals above the eyeport
  • mobility program; replace a damaged, registered DOT/ECE helmet at 1/3 of retail. click here for details.
  • 5 year warranty
  • ECE / DOT
  • 1650 grams / 3.63 lbs.

Full specs on Schuberth's website.