Anti Fog for your Motorcycle Helmet Visor

antifog motorcycle helmet visor spray

Looking for an antifog solution for your visor? I know not everyone (like my husband) is a fan of the Pinlock System like I am. 

Or, you may have a helmet that doesn't offer a Pinlock Visor system. Recently, we discovered Clarity De Fog It drops, which work on glasses, visors, masks, virtually any lens surface. 

I used a couple drops on my sunglasses, since for me, that's the only thing I can't seem to keep from fogging up in the helmet. Otherwise, the Pinlock is the only other system I've ever used that actually works in my helmet. 

You can buy it directly from their website, and it comes in both drops and dry cloths. Just make sure you fully clean your visor before applying it. Generally speaking, water and a microfiber towel is all you need to clean your visor. The less chemicals on the surface of your visor, the better.

I haven't used the Clarity solution on my helmet visor, since I don't need to, but it seems to work well (per the husband). 

Clarity De Fog It
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