Motorcycle Gear for Summer

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Revit Airwave Womens Motorcycle Jacket Ventilated Mesh Dainese G-Air-Frame Tex Womens Motorcycle Jacket

In my last episode of The Pace and in a recent reader email, I made some suggestions for summer gear options for my fellow women riders.  (Of course, these outfits all come in men's versions). 



G-Air-Frame Tex Jacket

Dainese G-Air-Frame Tex Womens Motorcycle Jacket

MSRP: $269.95
Where to Buy:, DStores Orange County, San Francisco or Chicago.  (be sure to call for availability)

The Air Frame has a removable windproof liner and a 3/4 connection zipper to wear with any Dainese pants (unfortunately you can't zip a Dainese jacket or pant to any other brands). The fit is more on the long and lean side, so I'd recommend this fit for gals with a longer torso. The shoulders are not too narrow and not too broad. 

They also have the Air Flux at $199.95, which is a little less expensive because it doesn't offer the removable liner or connection zipper. That would be a good alternative as well.


Drake Air Textile Pants

MSRP: $259.95
Where to Buy:, DStores Orange County, San Francisco or Chicago.  (be sure to call for availability)

The Drakes are the most fitted, ventilated riding pant I've ever tried on or seen. Dainese makes all of their pants with tha 'skinny jean' shape. Instead of a boot cut leg style, they have a more tapered fit. You can still wear them over your boots, but they can also be worn inside your boots if you have plenty of calf adjustment since the knee armor also has a shin guard. If you're looking for a really lean fit in riding pants and want to find something to wear as close to the fit of your jeans as possible, you'll love the Drakes. I wear a 42 in these and I'm a size 4 in jeans. The length is perfect.  The rise in the waist is rather low, so if you have hips you may find them to be too short in the waist.



Switchback Jacket

MSRP: $229.99

Where to Buy:

The Switchback is a lighter version of the Airglide. It has a removable waterproof/windproof liner that isn't insulated. The fit and sizing is great for curvier body types and comes in hi viz!  More generous in the shoulders, arms, waist and bust. The length is a bit shorter so it's better if you have a shorter torso. 


Airglide Pants

Olympia Airglide 3 Women's Motorcycle OverPants

MSRP: $229.99

Where to Buy:

The Airglides are an overpant, with full hip to toe zippers. I've mentioned them a few times before, as they're a well ventilated pant made of  Cordura.  The fit is generous in the hips and thighs and is perfect for a curvy body type. The knee armor is adjustable and removable too. With the large mesh panels on across the thighs, I've seen many women wear a full size smaller in these vs. their winter counterpart, the Pros



Airwave Jacket and Pants

Revit Airwave Womens Motorcycle Jacket Ventilated MeshREV'IT Airwave Womens Motorcycle Pants Mesh

MSRP: $199.99/Jacket, $189.99/Pants

Where to Buy:

The Airwave offers plenty of ventilation in a lightweight jacket that doesn't have a removable liner. The fit is much like the Tornado, and has a great all around fit for almost all body types.  The pants also feature a full inner leg zipper which make it easy to wear shorts underneath and get to wear you're going . (The Tornados feature a removable waterproof, thermal liner and are for year round riding, whereas these are strictly for summer).