Trip Planning for Milan

T Minus 5 days!  I was warned by the Cycle World team that they will be taking photos and videos of us when we land (after 9+ hours in Milan to start documenting our journey.  Let's just say I'm not the happiest camper when I've been flying that long.... Since then I've been thinking about how I can look my almost best when disembarking.

Thinking about this conjures up an image of a beautiful, fresh Victoria Beckham as she lands at Heathrow airport:

But I know that's impossible. So if I can avoid looking like this (Lily Allen), I think that'll be a happy medium.


Someone asked me the other day if I had started packing for Italy.  That got me thinking, I typically don't start packing for these kinds of trips until the day before.  How will I know if I have enough room for all my crap?

I think I've settled on trying to get away with just these pieces for 6 days:

Traveling light in Europe for 6 days.

(from left to right: Ogio helmet bag, Thule Crossover 38LRickshaw Zero Messenger bag)

So my plan is to pack as efficiently as possible so that I will have a wide variety of lovely outfits that can be combined to work both during the day at EICMA and the evening at dinner with my co guest contributors.

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