1 Piece Leather Women's Motorcycle Suits









1/28/2015: For an updated version of this post, click here! 

It can be extremely difficult to find an off the rack 2 piece leather suit that fits, let alone a 1 piece.

Most dealers can't afford to stock a full size run of women's suits, so it's even harder for them to justify stocking full size runs. It's a catch 22, how do we buy more of them when there's not enough to try on in some dealerships?

But I know you're out there. I've compiled a list of off the rack Women's race suits that are currently on the market, from some of my favorite manufacturers who continue to devote full lines of protective gear for women. I've listed these in alphabetical order, by brand.

Dainese, AlpineStars and GiMoto all offer 2 piece leather suits that will zip together to create a 1 piece but I'm excluding them from this list. If you want to know what 2 piece options exist, just visit the manufacturer website.

I guess my next bit of homework is to make a list of 2 piece leather recommendations....

If I missed any suits, Please post a comment and let us know what you have and where you bought it!

Arlen Ness

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, visit Arlen Ness at their headquarters in Dublin.

2009 The Lady MSRP $899.95 Colors: Black/Silver ArlenNess.com

2010 Women's MSRP $899.95 Colors: Black/Silver ArlenNess.com


Stella Julie MSRP $799 Colors: Black Revzilla.com The darker black areas are stretchy panels. A friend of mine has this suit and something that she didn't expect is the freedom of movement um, down around the groin. The panels that appear darker black in the photo above are stretchy. So when you're wearing the suit, the lower half doesn't feel as restricted as in a regular pair of leather pants.  If you're riding a sportbike, I can see how this would help make the suit feel more comfortable, particularly during a track day.


Tattoo MSRP $1,199 Perforated Colors: White and Black Revzilla.com

Dominia MSRP $1,199 Colors: White or Black Revzilla.com



MotoStrano is the exclusive distributor of Gimoto, an Italian manufacturer. You can get a fully customize version of any of their suits or order a fully custom suit. Contact them for details.

Lady Leather $1650 (+$100 customized) Colors: White/Black, Black/White, White/Pink, Black/Red Motostrano.com

Lady GP Suit $1700.00

RS Taichi

Blast Viper EVO $1499 Colors: White with Black/Grey accents Perforated





Misano MSRP $399.99 Colors: Black/Black/Silver or White/Black/Silver Cyclegear.com Sedici is Cycle Gear's house brand, so you can only find it on their website. This is the most affordably price 1 piece for women that I could find.



Lizard Wind Pro MSRP $1,199.95 Colors: White/Black, Black, Blue Kneedragger.com