RS Taichi GP-WRX Gloves

Thanks to MotoLiberty / TaichiMoto, I'm going to be reviewing these gloves, just in time for summer:

I know, I know. You're thinking, but those aren't summer gloves! Well, there's perforation on the top of the wrist as well as between the fingers. They aren't lined and feel like second skin. What I like the most so far, is how well they articulate. As soon as you wrap your hand around the handgrip, they feel like they were sewn on your hands in that position. Ideally, that's what you're looking for in terms of fit.

I have a feeling they'll break in quickly, given how soft and supple the leather feels. The pinky and 4th fingers are not sewn together, which many race gloves have as a feature. I wonder why they excluded that from these particular gloves. I'm guessing they are trying to reach a street rider, vs. a track  / racer.

I'm anxious to take them for a spin tomorrow to see how much cooler they are in comparison to my other gloves, given the fact that they have more perforation.

What's that saying? Oh yeah, I'd Rather Sweat than Bleed! I'm sure many of you are used to not wearing gloves in the summer, or if you do, it's typically a shorty glove with no wrist protection.  Living in San Francisco and riding in the Bay Area, these gloves are perfect for the different microclimates we live through.  I have one pair of full leather, fully perforated gloves, which I hardly ever wear. Not because I don't ride in the heat, but because I'd rather have the complete protection that my fully gauntleted, full leather gloves provide me (currently Racer High Ends), even in 90+ degree heat in Sonoma County in July.

There are so few options on the market for race gloves for women.  If you're considering a pair, I urge you to add these to your list.  The fit of most RS Taichi gear is on the petite side (think small Japanese men), and with these gloves, unfortunately they only make one Women's size, which they call size Lady's. Not small or xsmall, just Lady's. I'd have to guestimate that they are a 6.5-7.0 (Xtra Small/Small), based on the comparison of fit with Held gloves.

And yes, they're a little power rangerish, some might say, but they certainly add a level of visibility that I do not currently have with my gear, as it is all black (except for my helmet).

Stay tuned for a full review.