Scooter or Motorcycle gear for Women

Ladies, if you ride a scooter, or are looking for something lightweight to wear just while riding around town, here are a few of my suggestions for protective jackets that aren't as technical, yet still comfortable and protective. Some are even waterproof and lined to help keep you a little warmer for winter. All of these jackets will be articulated well for an upright riding position. If you're farther forward, in supersport position, you'll want to consider a more aggressive motorcycle jacket, since they'll be articulated better for that type of fit.

Under $200:

REV'IT Ginger $169.99 Sale! Fit is ideal for narrow shoulders/arms, narrow waist and shorter torsos.

FirstGear Contour Waterproof $149.95 Fit is deal for broad shoulders, chest.

Over $200

These are going to be over the $200 mark, but are going to provide you with a few more features and maybe a better fit. Unfortunately I can't get some of the pics to load, but you can find most of them on

REV'IT CR $229.99 Fit is narrow in the shoulders and arms. If you're a size 0-2, order a Size 34. This one fits so comfortably, it’s not terribly warm, so you’d have to wear a good fleece or baselayer underneath to add some warmth.

GoGo Gear Military Waterproof $259.00 Fit is good for both petite and curvy body types. The smaller sizes are narrow and the larger sizes seem to be generously cut in the shoulders/chest.

REV’IT Siren $299.99 Fit is very narrow through the shoulders/arms. This is an ideal jacket if you’re really petite through these areas. The cut is also a little shorter than other 3/4 jackets. If you have a shorter torso, you’ll find this fit to be just right. I love this jacket and forsee it as a winter option...

Olympia Airglide 2 Waterproof $249.99 Fit is ideal for broader shoulders, arms, waist, chest and shorter torsos, as well as curvy hips. This one comes with 2 liners, a windproof/waterproof liner, and a thermal liner. It’s great for year round riding since it’s well ventilated without the liners in the summer. If you have trouble finding gear to fit your chest, this one won’t disappoint as the cut is very generous right where you need it.

Dainese BONN Lady $279.00 I love the simplicity and look of this jacket. It's simple and looks like you're average winter coat, but with thoughtful features such as armor, a removable hood, thermal liner and sealed zippers. It appears to be water resistant and should hold up in a light rain/fog or misty ride home. This one isn't available on Revzilla's website. If you call them, you can certainly find out if they can order it for you.

AlpineStars Stella T-Lux $249.95 This one is a little shiny in person, but it looks really good when you put it on. I really like this one. I’m a fan of the military look, personally. The fit is fairly narrow across the shoulders, arms and waist, so it runs a little on the small side. If you’re a size 0-2, an XS should fit you.

RS Taichi Drymaster Team Winter ~$250.00 (I can't remember the exact price, but it's less than $300 and over $200) They're using their own waterproof technology called Drymaster. I'm contemplating this for the city too, but not sure if I want something warmer. It would be fine for riding around San Francisco, but I wouldn't wear it at freeway speeds, given the speed and winter temperatures. It's extremely lightweight and fits me like a glove. The fit is in between a European and American fit. Not too narrow, not too curvy/generous, but just right. This is also not available on Revzilla's website. Unfortunately I can't find it on any online retailer sites. Scuderia in San Francisco is a dealer however, and even has them in the store. :( This one is sold out for the season. Unfortunately RS Taichi only made so many available. Guess we have to wait until 2011.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for my winter recommendation post for women's motorcycle jackets and pants.