Busy Busy Busy

I'm on City #2; Greenville, South Carolina. Next stop Washington DC!!

Can I just say I LOVE this city? The show has been busy nonstop, I'm working all day, all night. That's why you haven't seen the January newsletter yet. Wah. I hope to have time when I get back home this week.  It's just been so insane.  If you are planning on attending any of the motorcycle shows between now and February, (Wash DC, NYC, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Chicago), you MUST come by and say hi at the Women's Center!

I know, I know. Women's Center.  It's so, I don't know, woman oriented. Yes and No.  We have local women's motorcycle clubs/groups, women's gear to try on (but not buy!), and seminars.  The seminars are NOT for women only.  They're actually really freaking great; Right Bike for Right Now, Dirt Riding, Picking Up Your Bike, The Right Gear for Right Now, and MORE!

As a female rider, you know how hard it is to find gear. You also know how hard it is to find Information. Especially from your fellow female riders. We're there to give you answers to everything and anything related to riding.  We're not just sportbike riders, not just cruiser riders, not just dirtbike riders.  We're everything riders.  I've been lucky enough to work with Sue Slate and Gin Shear, of the Women's Motorcyclist Foundation. These two women have ridden anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere.  I've learned so much from them and having a couple of travel buddies makes the job that much more FUN.

My role at the women's center is really simple. I'm there to help you FIT.  It's really apparent to me that many women have no idea how to shop for gear.  Real Gear, gear that's protective and fit for riding is such a different type of garment. It takes a lot of work and is not as easy as shopping for jeans and tshirts.   Many times I've had to explain the fact that when you stand up straight and put your shoulders back, the zippers will have a really hard time meeting.  Of course you're going to give up zipping if you don't let them actually touch and say hello to one another.  So what do you do? Well, first of all stop pulling your shoulders back.  Bring your shoulders forward, bend over a little bit and let your torso pull inward so the zippers can actually touch.  I PROMISE you, if the zippers actually touch, then they WILL zip. I repeat, they WILL zip.  You are NOT as large as you think you are.  You are not really an Extra Large or an Extra Extra Large.  Too many women give up as soon as they try to zip the jacket up.

Well ladies, remember that the fantastic jacket you're trying on is made for RIDING your motorcycle, not standing in front of the mirror wearing it!  Of course it's going to be difficult to zip up when you stand up straight with your shoulders back.  Give yourself a chance and remember that these jackets are not cut for relaxing position, sitting on the couch position, or laying around position. They're made for your MOTORCYCLE.

If you haven't already, click on the link on the left of this post and download my Shopping Guide or click here to download this pdf.  Read it, then go shopping. I promise you it'll make the experience even easier.  Or if you have questions and need suggestions for types of gear/brands to try, email me, I'm happy to send you a note back.  Or even better, come to the motorcycle shows so we can get you a fit assessment!

I still need volunteers as well, please Email Me so I can meet you so you can hang out in the center with us, talk to women riders and get in the show for FREE.