Volunteers, IMS 2010

Well, it looks like I'll be coming to a major city near you. A new feature of the IMS this year is the Women's Center, which is to promote women and motorcycling, socializing with fellow female riders and chatting with other women about riding.  For some women, asking what can be perceived as 'dumb' questions  can be intimidating and difficult.  Learning to ride is an amazing thing, and should be met with excitement, curiosity and without hesitation.  I'll be giving my Gear Seminars at every Women's Center on the tour between Jan 1 and Feb 22 in 2010.  So if you're planning on attending any of the shows in these cities, I hope to meet you in person:

Novi, MI Jan 1-3 Greenville, SC Jan 8-10 Washington, DC Jan 15-17 New York, NY Jan 22-24 Cleveland, OH Jan 29-31 Minneapolis, MN Feb 5-7 Chicago, IL  Feb 19-21 (There's a Daytona, FL show, but not sure if I'll be there yet!)

I'm looking for volunteers to work the women's center and basically talk to other women about riding! Whether you're from a club, organization or just a fanatic rider, I want to hear from you and would love for you to hang out at the Women's Center with me and a few other volunteers.  Ideally you'll be available for at least 2-3 hours for the show in your area.  We'll also be able to get you into the show for the day you volunteer. You don't have to be an experienced rider with more than XXXX miles under your belt.  If you've just taken your MSF class and you're looking to meet other women riders, or simply talk about your experience as a (new) rider, we want you at the show!

Please email me with questions and I'll fill you in from there.