Can't ride, Can't write.

Why yes, that is a Designer Series Snuggie in Leopard Print. You know you want one.  I wish I were wearing mine right now.

This not riding thing is killing my motivation to write. It'll probably be another couple months (not sure, my hand surgeon won't give me a definitive answer, which I guess is his job) before I'm back on my beloved bike. Until then, I guess I'll know what it's like to live somewhere that you have to 'store' your bike for winter. How do you people do it? I also hate NOT having my own method of transportation, not having to ask anyone for a ride to get somewhere.  Losing that kind of independence, especially if you're a motorcyclist can be tougher than it sounds. I deeply value my ability to ride wherever I want, whenever I want.  Just having to think about it makes me want to scream.  As a result, I feel totally disconnected from the riding community. I know for many of you it isn't a big deal. But for me, it is. Riding every day is pure joy to me. It makes me so happy and motivates me to express my thoughts, feelings and emotions about riding through my blog. And finally having a bike that I absolutely LOVE to ride makes it that much harder. I feel like I've finally figured out what riding is all about, in terms of why I want to do it. It's not just a hobby, or a recreational activity. It's a real part of me and having to give it up even if only for a short time has been far more depressing than I thought it would be.

This month is going to be a tough one. So I'm going to ask some friends to help out. First, my wonderful friend Linda is going to submit a ride report from her trip to Alaska on her DRZ! She's sexy, smart and fun to be around. I think her ride report will inspire many of us out there to just get out there and RIDE.

Check out this recommendation of Icebreaker Wool products that my friend Rain Hayes submitted to me recently. If you're looking for a good option for winter baselayers, they're worth checking out. The features seem particularly useful for riding as well.  Thanks Rain!

**** Just wanted to let you know about some IceBreaker merino wool products, if you don't know that brand. They make several 1/2 zip shirts in various weights- 190 is thin, 240 medium, 360 heavy,etc. I love this brand of clothing like no other. In fact, I express the weather in terms of what I'm wearing from them. "Cold out. 190 AND 360."

I like their shirts because the neck comes up high enough to keep me warm, but not so high it bunches under the chin. They have thumb loops, and are cut longer in the back, perfect for leaning over on the bike. Some also have great in-seam pockets that point toward the back so you're not scrunching over your wallet.

They also make a pullover neck scarf called a chute. I never leave home without it during the winter. It's double layered, awesomely warm, and not too bulky. (Their scarves are of the same double-layered fabric; I buy one, cut it into 4 chutes, serge the raw edges and give away to friends.)

The best thing about IceBreaker is that it's Merino wool, which in my opinion is the best garment fiber on earth. Warm in winter, cool in summer, breathes, doesn't get smelly like synthetics, and lasts forever.

Lombardi's carries a large selection and has frequent sales. Twice a year or so, they have a party with the IB reps. If you get on the mail list (they send coupons via text message), you get a special invite, free socks, and 30% off all IB products. And some good Australian wine.

No, I don't work for them. But it's a great brand. (local SF shop) ******