SSU Podcast, Winter Gear Part 2

Now that winter has come for most of you, I'm sure you may be looking for good overpants that are warm, waterproof and protective. A couple things to consider while shopping for pants:

  • When the zippers don't extend past the knee from the ankle, then they're meant to be worn AS pants. When the zippers do go up to the knee and hips, then you know they're meant to be worn as OVERpants. If you want to buy pants that are meant to be worn as pants, then buy them one size larger so you can wear them over your jeans/streetclothes.
  • Some pants have multiple liners (insulated + windproof/waterproof). When trying on multiple liners, keep in mind that you may not wear them with all the liners all the time. Think about how you'll likely wear them the most and buy them in that fit/configuration.
  • Always try them on the bike!

1) Olympia ProMax Pants $199.99

  • Read my review here. These are one of the best options for a winter overpant, especially if you commute, given the hip to toe zippers.

2) FirstGear HT Overpants $161.96

  • FirstGear also makes the TPG pants, however, they do not have a hip to toe zipper. If you don't care about this feature, then you may want to consider these instead, since they gave .
  • I had an older version of these and they worked really well for the 2 years I had them. I never needed the liner, although I rode in windy and rainy conditions. I would say they aren't as warm as the Olympia Pros though.

3) REV'IT Mistral Pants $239.99

  • Remember that Rev'it makes their pants in Short, Standard and Long sizes!
  • These have a removable waterproof/windproof liner but no insulated liner so a solid baselayer is key

4) REV'IT Zip Pants $139.99

  • These are a lighter weight overpant with no removable liners. The shell is waterproof/windproof
  • These are not vented at all
  • These have unisex sizing (XXS to 3XL), however Short sizes can only be ordered in Small(backordered) to 3XL. I've tried on XXS and they fit me pretty good. I'm normally a US 4 in pants. However, if you're cursed with a short torso like me then you'll find they ride up rather high when standing. They don't bother me in riding position, but for me personally, it was a little too much when the seams reached my bust area.

5) Fieldsheer Mercury 2.0 $143.99

  • These also have 2 way hip to toe zippers!