Heated Gear on my mind

Brrrrrr. I've contacted this company, Venture Heated Gear about their Scooter Vest to find out more about this vest, as well as the other motorcycle heated gear they are offering. Winter's coming and I know many of you are thinking about how to get ready for the cold.

In the meantime, here are more than a couple of options currently out there just for the ladies. All these work with 12V connectors for your bike. The only one that is battery operated is #3, ActiVHeat.

1) Gerbing Heated Vest $139.95 Gerbing is probably the most popular heated vests that people are using today. Before Widder went away, they were probably #1 and #2, respectively.

2) FirstGear Heated Jackets $199.95

3) ActiVHeat Vest $119.99 - $174.99 Apparently this vest was recommended on the "Today"show. The testimonials are also very positive in endorsing this product. This vest runs on batteries (rechargable and AA). The prices vary based on the package you buy. The more expensive packages come with rechargeable battery packs, whereas the cheapest comes with only AA Batteries.

4) WarmNSafe Heated Clothing $189.95-$199.95

5)WarmGear 13v Heated Vest Liner $139.95

6) exo² StormWalker vest $169.99