Making my butt a little happier :D

You're probably wondering what in the world I mean by this? (Such dirty minds!)

The last time I rode down to SoCal on Minnie, my butt went numb for the rest of the weekend.  375 miles in one day is painful as it is (for those of us who lack an iron butt). My lovely friend Linda  recommended an Alaska Leather sheepskin cover for my seat.  (Thanks Linda!) Unfortunately,  I don't have a Corbin on my DRZ like she does underneath her cover,  but I'm hoping that it will get me through at least the first 150 miles, since we're breaking it up this time with an overnight stop in Cambria!

Unfortunately I can't shell out for a custom Sargent or Bill Mayer seat just yet, but I thought this might be a much better, less expensive option for the time being.   For a whopping $55, you too can have one to help cushion the pain.  Supposedly the sheepskin disperses the heat, so even though it's "furry" it won't be like sitting on a fur coat.  I can't wait to try it out next weekend. My butt can't either.