For the Boys.

Men always ask me why I don't do review for men. Well, ALL the sites are for men! That's why I started mine. But, most of the fitment articles I write do apply to men and women, so for that kind of gender neutral advice I hope you'll find it useful. But, seeing as how many of my readers are men (thank you!), I felt that a quick review was in order.

I will make a gear recommendation for the boys based on the outfit that my husband just got for the long ride we did yesterday to SoCal. The jacket is also a top seller at Scuderia West as well. For reference, here he is, Mr.GearChic.

My husband is 5'11", ~190lbs, has broad shoulders, a long torso and a 33" inseam. These fit him him perfectly. The pants do come in short and long, depending on the size. But he was fine with a standard 52 for the pants and a 52 for the jacket. These are pants, not overpants. They also come with a windproof/waterproof liner which he didn't need to wear for this ride, since the weather was mostly 70s along Hwy 1. Before acquiring these 2 items, he was wearing a Dainese leather jacket and Olympia Pro Textile Pants. He definitely prefers this outfit and finds the cut on the REV'IT gear to be perfectly suited to his body type.

Because he has broad shoulders, he thought the 52 would be a little too small, but after sitting on the bike (of course!), it felt fine in riding position (on a Standard). It was just a little uncomfortable standing up straight with the jacket zipped up (as it should, since it's cut for riding not standing!) And he had no problems breaking it in on the ride down, since we got it for him the day before we left. The arms are nice and long, which is definitely a problem for him when shopping for regular clothes and jackets.

Since it's a combination of textile and leather, it wasn't so bad wearing for the first time on a long ride. If he wear in a one piece or two piece leathers, he probably would've been a little uncomfortable after the first hundred miles. Overall, he is very happy with this combination and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good all around 2 piece for city, urban and long distance riding. So get thee to Scuderia West, or if you can't drive to San Francisco, order a set from Revzilla and try it out for yourself!

REV'IT Ignition Jacket.

2) REV'IT Gear Pants

3) Dainese Torque In Boots