Racer High End Gloves

Racer High End Ladies Gloves
MSRP $199.99

If it's possible to be in love with your gear, well then I'm proud to say that I am in love with these gloves! I was worried they wouldn't be warm enough for my always cold hands, but I have to say that so far, they're performing better than I expected! They fit my short fingers perfectly. Look for a full review soon, hopefully after this week from hell is over. My real job is kicking my ass this week, so I hope to dig up more content for the next newsletter (sign up if you haven't already!) this weekend. Overall, I would highly recommend these gloves for everyday riding. I don't know how they'll do in colder weather (below 60 degrees), but in 60s-70s they're perfect. They have just enough ventilation but not too much. And they have much better dexterity than my Multitops do.

My husband and I are going to be riding down to Ventura, CA this weekend for an extended stay visiting his family. Although we've been to Ventura many times before, this will be the first ride on Minnie. My wonderful friend Leyla was so generous as to lend me her gel seat for the weekend, so I hope that makes for a more pleasant ride. After riding ~170 miles this weekend, my butt was screaming at me to never do that again without a better seat. But it was definitely happier with new tires! Nothing like the feeling of smoooooth acceleration out of a satisfying sharp left turn. (I still hate left turns, still working on that).

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Although I didn't celebrate Ride to Work Day yesterday, I rode today instead and it was fantastic. Riding the dirty streets of San Francisco makes you remember not to be so complacent with your reaction time, ability to predict people's movements and remaining vigilent. I learned how to ride here, so it's all I know. When people ask me if it's scary, or how I do it, I simply tell them that it's just like riding anywhere else, only much worse, busier and a little rougher on the tires (so many potholes). I think I'd have more fun on a DRZ! I also love the small streets, sharp corners and beautiful scenery that we're so lucky to have. Today was particularly fun as I rode down Powell Street along the cable car lines to courier a package to Union Square.

If you ever come to San Francisco, I highly recommend renting bikes (maybe a KLR from my friend Glenn?) and riding around the city. If you're not used to riding in the city, it'll definitely give you some riding experience to take back with you to the 'burbs!