Gear Fit Assessment

Just wanted to share a quick question from someone who is wearing leather for the first time:

Just ordered and rcvd a leather Joe Rocket coat-- jet set. Love it!! Size small- I am tall but quite thin. Sleeves are just long enough; body fits snug and well... my question is, the armpit seams pull just a bit-- literally-- the seams that run from collarbone to armpit are tight on me. Will this stretch out over time? Have ordered the size Medium just to compare, an extra inch across the back might make a ton of difference, but I think the coat is liable to be too big all over... By the way-- I tried the small on with a heavy sweater, and the seams were still tight in the armpit but ok everywhere else. Have never had leathers before, and am unsure how much it will stretch, or where. Any input welcome.

My answer:

Hmm.. without seeing you wearing it, I can only put my best guess forward. Leathers will definitely stretch and break in over time. The question is, when you're sitting On your bike, how tight are the seams? I mean, so tight that your arms can't comfortable stay in riding position for more than a minute? Generally it should be snug to begin with so it'll stretch when it breaks in.

As far as the seams from collarbone to armpit, they're going to be snug, but again, as long as they're not pinching in riding position, it should be good.

It's hard for me to make an informed decision without seeing you, but I hope this helps. Feel free to send me pics of you in the jacket, fully zipped, in riding position on the bike and then with the jacket unzipped standing up straight, arms at your sides.

And, if it's your first time wearing leathers, it might just take you awhile to get used to the snug fit compared to textiles.