Fit, Updates

So I just acquired a new 2 wheeled vehicle. Yep, a 2003 sv650s, in superb condition (only 587 miles on it. {Thanks Steve and Valerie!}). I have many reasons for the transition, but my main reason is it's a real, bonafide sportbike! And a twin at that. There's something about the low rumble of a twin. Not the "Potato Potato" of a Harley, but more of a "barr-umph" when you rev it. Thats exactly what it is. A Barr-umph. It also has a lower riding position. Since my arms are short, I'm leaning over quite far, maybe 45 degrees? But when my husband is riding it, he's not leaned over very much at all. Probably because he has big man arms.

I've been riding around a lot wearing the Revit Ignition, testing it out (especially today in the rain) and I realized that this jacket is more comfortable in riding position on the SV. On my Z750, I find it to be 'scrunchy' and too much length in the arms since my bars are upright. But leaning over more requires a little more length.

And this jacket works perfectly. *sigh* It's inevitable that I'll be ordering my own Revit Ignition Ladies jacket in a size 40. Which is 2 full sizes larger than my Revit Pearl. I think due to the cut of the Ignition and also because Revit hasn't quite figured out proper sizing for the American crowd. I guess the same goes for many European brands. I'll post a full review soon.

Rubber Side Up!