Updates, Revit Ignition Jacket

First update.
I'm off to the Chicago Motorcycle Show this weekend! So if you're going to be in the area, please check out the Hub where I'll be giving talks at these times:

Friday 2/5/09 5:30pm Gear up for the ride
Saturday 2/6/09 11:00am Gear up for the ride
Saturday 2/6/09 4:30pm Scooter 411
Sunday 2/7/09 11:00am Scooter 411

When I'm not there, I'll be at the Scooter Pavilion talking to everyone about the world of Scootering.

If you're interested, check out my presentation here:
Scooter 411

I'll try to post my Gear presentation tonight.

Next update. I'm selling my baby. (But I'm getting a new baby next week!)
By baby, I mean my 2005 Kawasaki z750s. I know, you're wondering why sell such a sweet bike? Well, the era of inline 4's has ended for me, I think. I'm going to a twin, a beautiful '03 sv650s barely broken in. :)

Please let me know if you know anyone interested in the SF Bay Area!!

Last update.
I've been lucky enough to test out this gorgeous Rev'it Ignition Ladies Jacket:

It doesn't fit me perfectly (look at the bunching on my sleeves), but damn I love everything else about this jacket. I'm torn. Truly torn. The fit is good enough to where I would trust it in a crash, but it's just not as comfortable as I'd like. I'll post a more detailed review next week. It's waterproof and pretty warm down to the 50s. Available at Scuderia West for $429.