Pants and AntiFog

1. Pants.

Wait, what was I going to say? My brain only works for like 30 seconds when I come up with an idea, and then it disappears forever, never to be seen again. That's why I can't seem to blog more frequently. This time I had time to text myself these 2 words. Now if I could just remember what pants were. Oh yes!! Sizing.

So I was dutifully working last Saturday afternoon at Scuderia West. And a female customer came in to try out the Olympia Promax overpants. An excellent option for cold weather and/or every day riding. We tried her in a size 4 / Euro 42 (Olympia sizes in US women), which was a little bit too tight for her in riding position. Then we tried her in a size 6. For some reason, the 6 was fitting more like an 8 or 10, fitting really really generous in the waist. The length seemed normal, as a 6 would be but the waist just seemed really wide. I decided to try them on myself and found that they were definitely cut wrong. For most overpants, you may want to try on one size up from what you'd normally wear in jeans or slacks. If you have no idea what size you are, generally a xtra small/small is 0-2-4, medium is 6-8-10, large is 12 and up. Of course, this can vary from manufacturer, which is super annoying, I know. But that's why I'm here to help.

Since there wasn't another 6 off the rack for her to try, I brought her mine. They fit her perfectly and more snug in the waist, but not too tight. We ended up sending back the funny 6's to Olympia, since they definitely weren't cut right. She ended up ordering a size 6 for herself as well. Hopefully they'll fit her as perfectly as mine did.

The moral of the story is that sometimes you can't trust the sizing, or the pants off the rack. If you think something is wrong, or aren't sure if what you're wearing is the right size, try on a size up and down. If the store has a good special order policy, order another pair and see how it fits, it may fit differently or the same. You just never know!

2. Anti Fog for Arai Helmets

Apparently Arai has finally come out with a pinlock system for their helmets. This is the one thing that I don't like about my helmet. It just fogs up like crazy. First, you need to buy the "Arai Clear Pinlock Shield for Astral, Quantum, RX7, Profile, Vector Helmets". Then you need to order the Arai Antifog insert. I'm still waiting for the insert to come in, so I can test this thing out!