Tshirts $$ Reduced and New Love

I've reduced the price to $24.00 (includes free first class mail)! I'm trying to get a new design going, but can't do that until these are gone.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Email me with your address and size!

Ok, now onto new love. My newest crush is on this jacket:

Rev'it Pearl ($310 US):

She looks much better in person and on the upper half of my body! It has a full removable liner and what you can sort of see is the flap in front that goes over the front zipper so as to keep the water and wind out. Oh yes. I like the light gray one as well. Not sure how well I could keep that clean. I'm looking to replace the unisex Rev'it jacket that I bought 3 years ago. It has served me well, numerous trips down South and keeping me warm in the city and around the Bay Area. It's fully waterproof (built into the outer shell) but I always feel like the michelin man when I wear it. It doesn't taper at all at the waist and I have to cinch it tighter, which makes it a little poofier up top than I'd like. No matter how tightly I secure the neck (velcro strap), I always manage to get air down the front of my chest. Which is the last place you want a windtunnel to be forming while going down the freeway at 70mph.

A good textile jacket should hug you in all the right places. If you have to cinch it down all the way at the waist to fit you, then you need a slightly more fitted jacket, or the next size down. This is already an XS (Unisex, not women's).

Hopefully I'll have this jacket soon and can take some before/after pics.