Dainese San Francisco Sale!

In honor of International Women's Day on March 8, 2008, the D-Store in San Francisco will be having a storewide sale on women's gear! If you're going to be in the area, I highly recommend stopping by.

Here's some more information from one of the managers at the D-Store:
If you are a petite, small woman having a hard time finding motorcycle gear that fits you, Dainese is the place to go. They make some of the smallest leather garments available to women. Some of their jackets go down to a Euro size 34! That's the equivalent to a 0-2. Depending on the cut of the jacket, some will be more fitted than others. But I've always had great experiences fitting women who are US size 0-2-4 in Dainese gear. Another option is R'evit. I recently had a customer come into Scuderia who was teeny tiny and nothing we had fit her as well as this textile jacket from R'evit:

Here's a review of it from Webbikeworld:

The only drawback to this jacket (and R'evit gear in general) are the long arms. They tend to make all their garments extra long. Although, this is good news if you're a tall, lean woman who has long arms, legs and torso. In that case, R'evit is the brand for you!

A couple other recommendations for petite women: