Dakar Rally 2015

dakar rally 2015 (Pic: http://www.dakar

If you've never heard of the Dakar Rally, you just might want to change your mind about that. 

It doesn't matter what kind of motorcycle you ride, whether it's on or off road. It's virtually impossible to watch the Dakar Rally and not be amazed at how well these riders master their machines. As well as the desert, sand and anything else in their way.

The beauty of the Dakar Rally isn't just the enduro motorcycle racing (mainly KTMs, Husqvarnas, Hondas, etc.) aspect. But the cars and trucks that also join in on the fun. Not just pickup trucks, but HUGE trucks! The rally is a 9,000km race that goes through three countries on all these different vehicles and it's an insane adventure from start to finish.

If you have access to NBC Sports Channel (we have it on the HD digital channels with Xfinity), they'll be broadcasting a 30 minute highlight every day between the 4th and 17th. If you have an Apple TV, then you have access to the Redbull TV Channel! They'll be uploading videos starting today, although I haven't seen it as of yet. I suspect they will be uploading videos tonight. I'm sure there are hours and hours of footage for them to get through.



PS, the redbull channel on the apple tv is SO much fun. Lots of extreme sport/racing action, everything from ice racing to climbing to supercross/enduro racing. good stuff!

A Gear Study.

Thank you to The George Institute for Global Health for saying what I and many other riders know to be true! Gear works, but not all of it. Just because it looks like motorcycle gear doesn't mean it IS motorcycle gear. Please download a copy of my free shopping tips (for men too!) to help you discern what is Real Gear and what is not.

Check out this interview from Liz De Rome, of the George Institute, summarizing what their year long study found.

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