How Quiet Can A Motorcycle Helmet Be?


When you're considering a new helmet, one of the things on your mind is probably noise. When you're going down the highway at 55+mph, you have a lot of wind noise to deal with. And it's hard to tell what helmet is going to work better especially when everyone's ears, bikes and accessories are different. The bottom line is, you aren't going to find a magical helmet with so much wind reduction as to silence the world around you. You may have to take a couple extra steps to reduce the wind noise around you.

kriega tailpacks sportbike naked suzuki sv650s As a sportbike rider, I'm fighting not only wind, but a minimally faired bike and a lower windscreen. If you expect any helmet to completely silence your ride, prepare to be disappointed. After zipping around today on the back of my friend's Goldwing I discovered just how amazing a large windscreen and fairing could be!

I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by the added noise reduction my Schuberth provided on this kind of touring bike. My friend Mike and I were able to chit chat along the way to brunch (which was delicious, btw).  I didn't wear my earplugs, and didn't even notice that I didn't have them in until we started across the bridge.

honda goldwing motorcycle motomike san francisco schuberth

If someone tells you how quiet/loud their helmet is, make sure you ask all the questions and don't assume everyone is going to have the same experience.

And don't forget to make sure you're wearing the right size/fit, because there's nothing worse than a helmet that's too big letting in even more noise.

Motorcycle Gift Idea, MicroTherm Down Vest

This is one of those baselayers that will work everywhere, doing doing anything/everything. But especially while riding.

If you're always cold, or you know someone who doesn't have heated gear and could use a lightweight but warm layer that will fit flat and easy under any jacket, one of these windstopper vests might be a good choice.

Generally, if you can keep your core warm, it'll help keep the rest of your body warm too. I can handle riding during in chilly weather (like tonight, 48 degrees!) but it's the freezing cold air going down my chest that I can't stand. By simply shutting off this piece of the cold air, it makes the ride far more bearable.

You definitely can't go wrong with heated, but if that's too much or not an option (e.g. on a scooter or older motorcycle), one of these kinds of warm/windproof vests will be a huge improvement.

Above Right - North Face Women's Windwall Vest., $99

Above Left - Eddie Bauer MicroTherm Down Vest , $119 (this is even offered in regular/petite/tall sizing!)