Reason #1,300,394 why motorcyclists should wear gear.

(Photo credit: HFL.com)

I love reader emails. I got this lovely note from a reader recently and had to share this article he mentioned. Thanks TH!

Hi Joanne,

Love your segments on Wheelnerds and Pace podcasts.  Please keep up the very informative + timely info. 

Anyways, thought you may like this article from HFL and maybe reference it next time on the Pace (perhaps even a link on your site)

I liked it 'cause you rarely see such a detailed review of gear and how it worked after rolling along the tarmac.


(make sure you view their article in Full Site mode if you're on a mobile phone, as the article is blocked unless you view the full site)

This is indeed a very good article about how even basic street gear can save your body parts from serious injury.  Normally, HFL closes articles after a certain period of time (12 hours) unless you're a paid subscriber. But luckily, they decided to keep this one open permanently, given how important the message is.