New Jackets from Roland Sands Design

Roland Sands Design Womens Leather Vintage Classic Motorcycle Jacket

If you've been looking for a real women's leather motorcycle jacket with a true vintage look and feel (and armor pockets) look no more. RSD has not one, but two jackets for women coming out soon. 

The Maven

We've been carrying the men's version of this jacket (the Ronin) at Scuderia for awhile now and they're absolutely gorgeous. I think it's one of the best casual style leather jackets I've seen. The details are beautiful and they have such a clean, sexy vintage look.  (Pictured above from their Instagram account)

The initial color offerings will be black and tobacco, and possibly a deep red or deep cream (Oooohhh). They're still figuring things out, but the color options sound fantastic. If the Maven is anything like the men's Ronin, it'll feel light and super comfortable. The leather on the Ronin is only 1.1mm so I'd highly recommend this as an option for local riding only, not long distance commuting or touring. 

There are no removable liners and it's definitely not waterproof. They also feature armor pockets, ready to accept armor in the shoulders, elbows and back. (Thank you RSD!) I cannot wait to see this one in person! 

One really nice touch that you can't see is the rich silk lining. It's a pretty gold color. 

The Maven is due out in October / early November. 

Maven Women's Roland Sands Leather Vintage Cafe Motorcycle Jacket


The Vada

Vada Wax Cotton Women's Roland Sands Motorcycle Jacket

The Vada is a wax cotton version of the Maven. The men's version is the Tracker. The Vada will also offer pockets for armor in the shoulders, elbows and back. There are no removable liners and it's definitely not waterproof.

If the Vada is at all like the Tracker, it's also going to have a beautiful silk lining to give it that really rich, luxurious look and feel. I love wax cotton jackets. Something about the feel is so classic, motorcycle sexy. 

I'd also recommend this only as an option for local riding only, not long distance commuting or touring, due to the nature of the wax cotton. Although I certainly haven't crashed in one, nor have I seen anyone but if you have, please let me know how it holds up. I'd be curious to see...

This one is going to be made available later this winter in December / January. Will post pics as soon as I see this one as well.