Meet Rokker, the Ultimate Riding Jeans


I have never been a fan of riding jeans. Until now. Meet Rokker Jeans. The fully waterproof, technical riding pant that happens to have a really stylish denim look to it. Fully armored, with hips and knees, these are the only riding jeans I actually recommend riding (and crashing) in.

Rokker is based in Switzerland. As a result, they've been able to partner with one of the most technologically innovative companies in the world, Schoeller Textiles. I should preface this by saying that only 1 model in the Rokker line (Revolution, pictured above) offer hip and knee protection, so that is the only model I would personally recommend for that reason.

Unfortunately the women's line isn't offered in the US as of yet. But the men's line is offered here and although only a few styles are currently available, I'm sure more will be offered as the brand gains popularity and brand recognition here in the land of the free, home of the brave.

At a price point of $549, it's a difficult pill to swallow on "riding jeans". But these aren't your typical pair, that's for sure. One key difference when you look at them is that they look high fashion, designer jeans along the lines of your Original Joe's, Lucky, Diesel, etc. But there are 2 major differences between them and the Rokker Revolution Jeans.

It starts with the proprietary schoeller®-Denim-Dynatec: "a revolutionary combination of schoeller®-dynatec and denim, thus extremely high resistance to abrasion as well as a genuine Jeans-look." So it looks *just* like your typical pair of designer denims, when in fact it's a highly technical, performance fabric disguised as jeans! It's not only fully lined from the waist all the way down to just above the ankles in schoeller®-dynatec, but the protector pockets are also fully lined in this fabric and double layered along the knees. You can find schoeller®-dynatec in other high end motorcycle apparel brands such as Dainese and BMW as well.

The other material that the Revolution offers is also from Schoeller, "c_change™ membrane":  "This membrane reacts independently to changing temperatures and activities and is 100% waterproof and windproof. It closes when exposed to cold and opens in response to warmth, the prevailing humidity and body moisture are taken into account in this process. In doing so, not only temperature but also air and body moisture are balanced out. c_change™ ensures the ideal body climate."

And of course, theres the body armor. Rokker has paired with d3o protectors so the Revolution includes the hip and knee protectors from d3o. Hopefully you've heard me talk about their armor over and over again on Moterrific. It's a super soft, pliable but strong 'rubber' like material that you will hardly notice while riding. You can purchase all the different body parts (hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, back) separately and upgrade your gear with it too.

Oh and did I mention that they're waterproof? Not water resistant, but waterproof. Schoeller also maintains that c_change is more breathable even than GORE-TEX.

I haven't tried them on because they're not available small enough in my size, but most customers immediately notice how comfortable they immediately feel (probably due to the schoeller lining) and have a hard time walking away from them because of the comfortable fit. These fit just like Levis 501 jeans, so if you love your 501s you'll probably fall in love with these too. I like the fact that there are no seams on the knees too.

Although the Revolution is only offered for men on Revzilla, I think women could definitely wear these if you're a 29" waist size (~US 6-8). The fit will certainly be like a Boyfriend jean, so not very hip friendly with a straight cut but I know a lot of women who wear men's jeans (myself included).

Would I spend $549 on riding jeans? Not just any jeans, but Rokker Revolutions, maybe. But only if I gain 20lbs, which I really would rather not do just to fit into these pants. But if I were the right size, I'd seriously consider them as my next pant purchase.