Basic Safety Course - Safety and Survival Skills for the Civilian Rider

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The Scotts Valley Peace Officer's Association wants you to be well trained and ready to ride on the street. I can't imagine how many moto accidents they've seen over the years on Highway 9 :(

Scotts Valley Police Civilian Motorcycle Class

Photo Courtesy of: John Hohmann, Scotts Valley PD

They've put together a great 1 day course to help you improve your defensive riding skills, controlled braking and much more. This class is coming up on Sunday, September 30th. 

It doesn't matter how long you've been riding, or how long you've gone without an accident. It's always good to keep your street riding skills top notch. 

Download a copy of the flyer with all the details here.




SFPD, all geared up.

I guess you can only wear real gear if you're assigned to ride a DR650 for the SFPD. I recently spotted another officer on a DR, wearing what appeared to be an Arai XD helmet. Hope this means more protective gear for our police officers.  Generally speaking, the gear requirements seem to be mandated from long standing rules and regulations which apparently have taken a long time to get changed.

Although, for officers riding BMWs or Harleys, they still appear to be stuck wearing the same outfits they were wearing 20-30 years ago.  Let's Protect our police force, come on SFPD!

Show off those kicks, guys.