How Not to Design a "Women's" Product


So many parallels to the motorcycle world in this article by arstechnica, "Flowchart: How Not to Design a Woman's Tech Product"

I find that it's a constant struggle for manufacturers of motorcycles/accessories/apparel to properly market to women. It's still a man's world, in that there are too many men at the top making these decisions. Instead of real women who ride and know what other women riders like / want / need.

Here's to a better 2014....

How do you say that again?

These are the top 5 companies that I think are mis-pronounced the most. At least, in my experience working in motorcycle apparel. AlpineStars The company takes its name from the English translation of the Italian word "stelle alpine" which, when translated into English, literally means "Alpine Stars". Founded in 1963 by Sante Mazzarolo in Asolo, Italy, the company started out making hiking and ski boots, but quickly focused on making boots primarily for motocross racing.

Arai: ("Ah-Rye") Arai alone is a family-owned helmet company started over 60 years ago by an artisan: a custom hat maker who rode motorcycles back in the 1930s. (Talk about a match made in heaven.) And the company Hirotaké Arai founded is still his family's company three generations later. Still singularly committed to that same goal.

Dainese: ("Die-nay-zay") 1971. Lino Dainese (Founder and currently President) sketches the first logos and trademarks for the company yet to be born.

1972. Dainese is founded in Molvena (Vicenza). The first articles produced are two pairs of innovative pants for motocross riders.

REV'IT!: Founded in 1995 by Ivan Vos. The name REV'IT! is derived from the English verb "To Rev", which also clearly references the tachometer on a motorcycle.

Shoei:  ("Sho-Eee") In Japanese, it'll sound more like "Sho-Way". The Japanese mark the passage of time in dynasties rather than years, a dynasty being the life span of an emperor. The Shoei helmet brand was started in 1959 which was part of the Showa Dynasty. This was the reign of Emperor Hirohito and lasted from 1926-1989. So the name Shoei which is not an actual word is derived from Showa (time of company inception) and the first two letters of the founders name Eitaro Kamata.

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