Sena SMH-5 Bluetooth Intercoms

shoei qwest sena smh 5 So I finally got around to updating the firmware on my SMH-5. If you have a Mac and have been trying to update yours, I highly recommend finding someone with Winblows. My husband and I tried at least 10 times to update it using the Mac software and couldn't get it to work. I rarely use my VMWare machine so it didn't occur to me to try that.

So I downloaded the PC version and voila, it worked the first time. Sena, you need to fix your Device Manager for Mac software!

New Review, Cardo Scala Rider G9

Cardo G9 iPhone 5


The Cardo G9 is a fully featured intercom with bluetooth, A2DP and lots of other bells and whistles. Looking for a new headset that's easy to pair? Or maybe you're looking for a really weird way to meet new people by automatically connecting to strangers nearby who also have G9s.