What do guns and motorcycles have in common?

shoot target Benny thinks more practice is definitely needed!

I've always thought that guns were a lot like motorcycles, that without proper education in handgun safety, they can be extremely dangerous.

Last weekend, my husband and I took a Gun Safety Training Class. (Thanks Fisher Executive Protection!) We learned basic concepts including proper storage, etiquette when around firearms and common sense attitudes about how to approach a firearm.  It seems like many people underestimate the ability for a handgun to fall into the wrong hands (especially children).  I felt as if they demand our respect and shouldn't be taken lightly.

I never thought I would enjoy this whole shooting targets business, but I actually did. I also thought handguns were too dangerous and I really didn't like the idea of having one in the home. But after having some basic training and range time using one, I'm less fearful and know that as long as you safely store and secure one, they can be perfectly safe.  However, that requires a certain level of prioritizing safety over everything else. By the end of the class, I felt less intimidated and had a better understanding of how they work.

If you talk to anyone who's enthusiastic about handguns or motorcycles, you're going to find that we both have something very important in common; Safety. If you're not prioritizing safety above all else when approaching either of these topics, I highly recommend rethinking your attitudes and figure out why you don't think they demand your attention.

When most of us ride, safety (including gear) is always our #1 priority. There are of course, many exceptions with many people ignoring this key element. Unfortunately, it's those people who make a bigger impression on non-riders. When all you see or hear are negative stories about motorcycle accidents, it's impossible to form an objective opinion.

When we fully gear up,  it really makes a strong impression on non-riders, and sends a powerful message as to how serious we take motorcycles.

Even though we don't choose to be ambassadors for what we love to do, sometimes it happens anyway.