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Moto Bash with Racer Gloves, Sat. 9/14

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Saturday 9/14 is Cycle Gear's 5th Annual Moto Bash. I'll be working from 8am-4pm at the Racer Gloves booth to tell you allllll about how fabulous they are. Swing by and say hi!

My 2 favorite pairs are made by Racer. They're based in Austria and the distributor, Racer Gloves USA is right here in the Bay Area in Morgan Hill, CA. Their gloves aren't as widely known as others on the same playing field but once you go kangaroo palms, you'll never go back. They offer a wide  liner of gloves, including full race, street, summer and winter GORE-TEX. Recently they discontinued the best women's glove on the market, but it sounds like they'll have something new to release in the next year. Fingers crossed! They do offer gloves for women, including street and winter. 

Besides a huge parking lot sale, it looks like a lot of vendors will be hand selling lots of gear. More details about the event: 

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