California Superbike School

I'm excited to tell you that I've signed up for a trackday with California Superbike School

I've read and heard great things about the school, the training and the experience from friends and the interwebs. The school was founded in 1976 by pavement god Keith Code, it was the first to offer one on one track instruction. He's written several books including the famous "Twist of the Wrist, Volumes 1 and 2".

I've had a couple track days and I've had 2-3 interactions with track coaches to give me advice about my riding. However, I'm really hoping that I'll get more consistent feedback from a coach who can watch me throughout the day to see how I'm doing from start to finish. It's an all day class, starting promptly at 7am and presumably finishing up in the afternoon. They even provide lunch and drinks/snacks.  

"You will improve. You are a far better rider than you’ve ever let yourself hope to be. We have a system that works."

I'm not here to race, I'm certainly not here to ride better than everyone else. I want to simply ride better than Myself. Improving our riding skills is always something that we're responsible for as individual riders. One on one instruction and attention is difficult to get a regular track day, so I wanted more. I'm not necessarily looking for someone to stand next to me the entire day (which would also be cool) but having input every time I get out on the track sounds like a great way to improve my skills. 

There are some misconceptions about track days, that they're only there to teach you how to race your motorcycle. False. California Superbike School is one of the many exceptions to this rule. If you have a high performance machine, you owe it to yourself to learn how to ride safer and simply become a more capable rider. 

Because I've never ridden with them before, I start at Level 1

"Level I addresses the six most common errors riders, from novice to world-class racers, make and why. "

YES! I love this. 

For $475, I signed up for a 1 day course on July 31st at New Jersey Motorsports Park. I will be riding my own bike, so the cost is a bit lower than renting their BMWs. I can't wait to take Goldie to the track again with Keith Code and friends. Hopefully he's there so I can get a selfie! 

Episode 20 of Moterrific; Lanesharing Liability, Tips from the CHP, Baselayer Review and More

We go over lanesharing guidelines, including who's at fault in an accident, how the CHP sees you as a motorcyclist when you laneshare; new rider tips including knowing your motorcycle, cornering techniques, baselayer reviews and more!

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Funny convo with a customer today.

Me and my SV on my first track day back in 2011, sans mirrors and headlights.

Me and my SV on my first track day back in 2011, sans mirrors and headlights.

A funny convo I had at Scuderia West when someone saw me with my bike. 

Him: What do you ride? 

Me: an SV650s

Him: Oh cool, that was my first bike

Me: Yeah, it's my 3rd

Him: It was a good little bike

Me: I love it, it's taught me so much and is the best bike I've had so far. I've learned body positioning on it. 

Him: What's that? 

Me: Guess you still need to figure that out!