What Motorcycle Maps Do You Use?


Where do you get your motorcycle maps? What do you use? On my quest to discover PA roads, I recently acquired these MadMaps with recommended routes, scenic attractions and places to eat along the way!I used to use Benchmark Maps on my iPhone until I moved and discovered that they don't offer anything for Pennsylvania :( So off I went in search of a Pennsylvania Atlas that would show me various terrain, not just a AAA map with highway routes but something that would actually help me determine whether something was paved or not. Here's a quick list of map websites, books and apps that may help you on your journey.

  • Benchmark Maps - mainly Western US, Southwest. Fantastic resource for terrain based maps that show you paved, non paved, etc. Not motorcycle specific.
  • Butler Maps - Butler Motorcycle Maps are prerouted, showing you on and offroad routes, routes are highlighted, rated and detailed providing you elevation, places to stop and eat, and everything in between. If only they had a Pennsylvania map!
  • Delorme Atlas - The Delorme is simply an atlas for you to create your own routes. I just bought one used on Amazon and will be using it to find my own ride routes!
  • Greatest Road (iPhone App) - I've used the Greatest Road app but it doesn't integrate well with Google Maps to give me turn by turn directions. I don't have a Garmin so I can't download the route into anything.
  • MadMaps - Mad Maps have motorcycle specific ride routes, including attractions / food and recreation recommendations. Each route is listed in detail and the maps fold up easy into your tankbag.

If you have a map resource you love using, please add your comment!