My Favorite Summer Motorcycle Jackets for Women

  revit airwave womens summer motorcycle jacket

Summer is almost here, and living on the East Coast, I think I will have to consider something I never had to think about before, mesh textile gear.

I've ridden in plenty of hot, dry climates in California. All the way up to 100 degrees in my hybrid leather/textile jacket and pants. But with the added bonus of humidity, I don't think I'm going to survive unless I wear a mesh textile instead of leather. So here are a few ideas for jackets and pants that may help you (and me) this summer. Not only will they provide lots of breathability, but protection as well.

Dainese Airframe


Dainese Drake Air Womens Summer Motorcycle Pants


The Airframe is Dainese's answer to the mesh jacket. A lean fit, perfect for longer arms/torso and narrower frames. I'm not a huge fan of how the textile and mesh are cut out on the chest but it's still one of my faves. The matching bottom to this jacket would be the hugely popular New Drake Airs. Although they're not all mesh, it is a very light, breathable, abrasion resistant fabric with large vents.


REV'IT Airwave

revit airwave womens summer motorcycle jacket

Rev'it Airwave Mesh Pants Summer womens textile

The Airwave suit is another kickass option for summer. This jacket fits a little more relaxed, not a full American fit but not as lean as the Dainese Airframe. I would say average, hourglass with roomier arms. The pants are cut as an overpant, with a full length zipper from crotch to ankle on both legs. The waist/hips are pretty generous too. Personally, I love the pants more than the jacket.

Olympia Switchback


The Switchback is Olympia's summer jacket, which also features a removable waterproof liner. This one probably has the most generous fit with broader shoulders and more room in the arms, but shorter sleeves. Olympia features a ton of reflective piping, so if you want the most visibility, you can't go wrong. The Airglide overpants pair with this jacket to make a great summer suit.

Alpinestars T-GP Plus Air

alpinestars_t-gp_plus_r_air_summer_jacket womens alpinestars_oxygen_summer_womens_motorcycle_pants


New for 2014, I *love* the way it fits. Not too tight, not too loose. Lots of breathability with the mesh panels. I just wish there weren't EIGHT logos! I understand the need for logos, but why 8? 2, 3, 4 isn't enough? Ugh, I would immediately buy this jacket but the numerous logos have me on the fence. The Oxygen Air Overpants are nice too, ventiled well but they don't offer full length zippers, just a gusset closure.