Motorcycle Vagina, WTF?!


Two words I never thought I would place in the same sentence, ever. 

It's bad enough that legislators in certain states keep proposing insane laws limiting the control over our own bodies, but even worse when they add it to a motorcycle safety bill! It's about as absurd as me posting a diagram of a woman's reproductive system on a blog about motorcycle gear. 

"SB 353 is a motorcycle safety act that would increase fines and penalties for drivers who endanger motorcyclists on the road"

The original legislation sounds great, at least for motorcyclists in NC. I just hope they actually pass that part, since most motorcycle accidents are attributed to other cars/vehicles overtaking us. 

At least, that's what it was originally intended to be. Instead of focusing on women's reproductive rights, why don't they focus on subjects such as, oh I don't know; creating jobs for it's citizens,  improving it's infrastructure or increasing health insurance options? 


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