SHIFT Women's Siren Leather Motorcycle Jacket

SHIFT Siren Women's Leather Jacket $399.95 Colors: Black, White Sizes: XS - XL

SHIFT asked me to review a couple of their women's jackets, but sadly they just didn't fit me right, so I can't do a full review. But I would like to share a couple of pictures so you can see these up close. I also received the Viper and will do a separate post on that as soon as I take some pictures.

The Siren is a lightweight leather jacket. The fit is European, long and narrow in the torso, similar to REV'IT, but just a little more room in the arms and shoulders. The chest is very very narrow. So I probably wouldn't recommend an XS or S for anyone with more than a 34 inch bust. I really like the look of the Siren, I just wish it wasn't so long on my short torso. I also am cut a little wider in the waist and the XS was just too small. If I tried a Small, the sleeves would've been far too long. The cut just isn't ideal for my body type. I just won't be growing any taller anytime soon.

I think this jacket would be a perfect option for spring/summer weather riding. Since the removable vest liner is rather light, I think this would be perfect for city riding. There are 2 vents in the front and a large vent on the back. Another feature that I think is pretty useful is the black sleeve that extends out from the cuff. With the right pair of gloves, they would probably help keep the wind from blowing up your sleeve in cooler temperatures. Unfortunately the Siren doesn't have a zipper to connect it to pants, but there is a button snap that you could use to connect to your belt loop.

I know that white isn't the easiest color to keep clean, but there's something about the color and style that I find so pretty. I never thought I would be a fan of white but when you put it on, it's hard to deny how amazing it looks. I think it would definitely turn heads and make people ask you where you got it everywhere you went. I like the detailing on the back as the SHIFT logo is very subtle and stitched in a pretty cool gray color. The rear hip zips should provide a little flexibility if you have a curvy waist and need a little more room.

Overall, I would recommend the Siren as an option to consider if you're looking for a lightweight, summer or spring jacket.