Anka Eve Goldmann

Anka Eve Goldmann

I haven't heard from my friend Khazarian in quite a while. The last time he emailed me, he told me that he had been sick and was being treated for something in the hospital. I wrote him recently and his email bounced back. It said that mailbox doesn't exist.
I have a horrible feeling that he's no longer with us, and I won't ever hear from him again. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have the amazing story here and here.

I've uploaded all the pics he sent me, including a 2 page article she wrote for Cycle World back in the 50s-60s? If you zoom in, you can read the text.

I will miss hearing from him.

Me and More about Anke-Eve

So I was lucky enough to be chosen to submit a reader story for Helmet Hair Magazine. They asked me to write a brief story about my riding history and this is what came out of it.

Check it out when you get a chance!

I also received another email from this gentlemen who initially told me about Anke-Eve. He sent me a few more photos of her earlier in her riding career and later in life.

I wish I could find her and talk to her. Sounds like she may have already passed away or is unreachable.

Here's the latest email from my new friend:
Dear Mrs. Donn,

Thank you very much, indeed, for your kind lines and the interest you take in Miss Goldmann. Yes, she was a very good lucking woman at her time, and a spectacular rider. I saw her performing in many race circuits on her BMWs, and she was the only woman I knew in those years, riding her heavy bikes also in heavy frost when almost all the males stayed at home. I have lost contact with her decades ago, I only know she stopped riding and racing after a fatal accident of her then closest friend, and afterwards spent most of the year travelling alone (hard-core) with a rucksack only throughout the Sunda Islands,Laos, Kambodja, Vietnam, and Burma. This is why she is almost entirely forgotten today, and in the Internet age nobody goes any more through the old motorcycle mags of the 50s and 60s where her articles on motorcycling women and race erports appeared regularly. I read her in German, English, French, Spanish, and Swedish, and I also remember publications in Japan and the US. She was a good looking, long-legged woman, 6 feet tall, and a school teacher for German language at an US Air Force School. It is a matter of satisfaction for me that you take such an interest in her. When discovering the American WIMA section in Internet I drew their attention to Anke-Eve because I remember that, back in 1957 or 58, she was one of the six or eight ladies in Europe establishing the European WIMA section.

I her later years she lefts the BMWs and shifted to 750 MV Agustas. I believe she was the first and long time the only female handling these machines. Today, of course, thousands of women handle such competitive bikes, but at that time it was sensational. As your website is also focusing on motorcycle gear one thing has come to my mind that might be of interest to you: Anke-Eve designed her outfits herself, and one of the leading producers ("Harro") successfully put a one-piece racing suit on the market they had created on her request: it introduced a zipper running diagonally and sideways instead of frontally. Anyway, I shall add two or three to this message. Apart from my memory I do not have any documentation on her, but if ever you come to Paris (and read French): I know that between about 1957 and 1965 "MOTO REVUE" regularly published Anke-Eve's reports. I wish you all the best, and let me know what additional information you would care to have.


Amazing Women and A Good Deal

I've met some amazing women who ride. They're also beautiful, smart, highly intelligent and know how to work a one-piece leather suit. But here's a woman that I'd love to meet, if ever given the chance. Actually, I'm not even sure if she's still alive. But I'm hoping that she is. A very nice gentlemen forwarded me these photos of a woman by the name of Anke-Eve Goldmann. I don't know where lived, what she did, or where she rode. But I'm hoping to find out.

He mentions that she raced, rode year round in freezing winter temps in Europe and she valued her safety so much she made her own leathers! Look how fierce she looks on her Bmw.

Picture 1

Picture 2

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