Girly Motorcycle Helmets

Let's update this post from 2010 about "Motorcycle Helmets for Women" aka Girly Helmets.

I can't stand the phrase "Woman's Motorcycle Helmet", because there's really no such thing. However, there are certainly some very soft, feminine graphics and designs that we as women may be able to appreciate. :)

Now onto the helmets for 2011. Let's see what kind of softer, more subtle designs are out there for us to enjoy without the manly images of Guns, Skulls, Dragons, Swords, Fire, Naked or Half Naked Women violating our helmets. You may see some repeats from last year too.  You should see the names /manufacturers for each helmet on the image.  Some of them will come in different colors, like the Shoei Qwest Goddess so be sure to see what other options exist on the manufacturers websites. Here are the companies that I've posted images from:

You'll want to Google these to your heart's content to find the best pricing/availability. Feel free to post any that I missed!