Are You a New-ish Woman Rider?

Me in 2006, on my first bike, a 2003 Ninja 250.

Me in 2006, on my first bike, a 2003 Ninja 250.


Of course everyone (all genders, riding lifestyles) are invited, but I want to extend a personal invitation to any of the new-er, new-ish, or re-entering women out there who have questions/concerns/issues that you'd like to discuss!

I’ll be hosting a Live QnA on my Facebook Page:

And you don’t even have to log into Facebook to view it! But you do have to log in to participate in the chat. However, if you have any topics or questions you want me to try and answer then please post a comment in this thread and I will add it to my list.

You can also post a comment/question in the Facebook Event here:

So far I received the following suggested topic to discuss:

  • While discussing bike choices for beginners... Can we also touch on what is a sensible next step. I have the cb500f and I'm looking for more power. How much is too much of a next step. (kind of stuck on the Monster... 797 vs 821). I have 2 seasons under my belt, but I don't want to get another bike just to have to upgrade by the end of next season.

I’ll also cover a few of my recommendations for how to choose your bike, especially when you're this tall: | :D

Hope to see you online then.