Launch Party for the 2016 Motorcycle Exhibit at the Simeone Museum

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There is a little known gem in Philadelphia called the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum.

It mainly houses sports car exhibits of various makes and models, but for a short period of time they will have a motorcycle exhibit featuring " LAND OF THE RISING SUN, MID-CENTURY MOTORCYCLES AND FAST FROM THE PAST"

"The stars of this year’s exhibit include a 1973 Honda Superbike, streamlining icon 1987 Honda Hurricane, 1969 Kawasaki H2 “King of the Streets”; 1954 MV Augusta “Disco Volante”, 1952 Vincent Black Shadow (at the time the world’s fastest standard motorcycle and still a treasure) and also the famed 1958 Triumph “The Parasite” which achieved over 150 miles an hour in 10:33 seconds the quarter-mile. These are just a few of the over 40 special motorcycles on display."

The motorcycles on display are SO varied, with every manufacturer you can think of between 1917 and 1987. It looks like most of them are owned by local riders who've taken lovely care of their bikes and are providing them to the museum for this limited collection. 

It doesn't matter if you're a Harley person, a Triumph person or a Suzuki person. If you love seeing beautiful classic, vintage motorcycles all under one roof then come out and hang with us Saturday night. I'll be there with my man and my good friend Aleks

Saturday, August 20. 5:30pm - 9:00pm. 

Tickets for the launch party are $40. 


Purchase Tickets Here.