A really cool pair of Motorcycle Boots in my size!

It's been awhile since I've seen a pair of motorcycle boots that I might actually want to buy. Having really small hands and feet narrows my options to women's specific gear only. And really, there aren't that many awesome options to my liking. But seeing these, I'm intrigued and excited to see them in person!



The Alpinestars Mono Fuse boots are a touring boot with a Gore-Tex membrane and a nifty buckle. And it's going to be available in a Euro 37! They appear to be a mid-height (almost over the calves) boot with a buckle for adjustability. Of course, I do have my fancy Daytonas for the winter that I'm up against but I'm always window shopping, what can I say?

On the other side, these also go up to a Euro 48 (~US 13.5-14). Holy crap. Alpinestars is pretty good about providing options in really small and large sizes in many of their boots including the New Land and the SMX Plus Vented (which are the smallest race boots that I've found so far).

Petite Feet, check it out!