Movin' on Uppp err, Over


Last week my husband and I flew out to Philly to check out the various neighborhoods and figure out where we want to live. We had no idea it would be so hard to find parking! How am I supposed to start a collection if I don't have anywhere to put them? Oh well. I guess my plan to hoard a fleet of motorcycles is going to have to wait until we get there, settle in and maybe move again in a year or so when we buy a house or find a garage to rent.

ducati monster Philly

I'm contemplating selling my beloved SV instead of hauling it out East. Monsters are on my mind as a next motorcycle but certainly not ready to buy anything yet. Since we're driving across right in the middle of winter (mid-late January) we won't be able to ride very much anyway.

Fingers crossed we find something cool with parking. Two Wheels Rule!