Moterrific, a New Motorcycle Podcast

Horizons Unlimited Cambria California 2012

Finally, a motorcycle podcast of my own. 

Introducing......... Moterrific, a Terrific Motorcycle Podcast. 

When my cool friend Cristi (ADVGoddess on Twitter/ ADV Rider) texted me last week about doing a podcast, I was like okay. That sounds like a good idea. Not really thinking that we'd get one done so quickly! It was more like "hey, we really need to do one, there aren't any good female hosted motorcycle shows out there". Of course, I totally agree.

As you may know, there are only a few prominent podcasts, all hosted by men. We thought it would be time to mix things up and add fresh perspectives. We're excited to add bike/ gear reviews, general commentary on motorcycles, interviews and anything else we think would be interesting to our fellow riders. (male and female!). 

This isn't a women's only podcast. (Remember, only gear has to be women's specific. But never motorcycles).

We hope you enjoy the first episode, you can read more about the first one on our new website,

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