Mesh motorcycle jackets

Dainese Women's Mesh Jacket Summer

To Mesh or not to Mesh, that is the question.

Here's a great question that someone recently posted on my forum about when to buy mesh gear:

"I know its winter but thats the best time to buy a mesh jacket - don't know if I should get Dainese Air-2 or Rev'it Air? I need light weight, good armor (all my dainese jackets fit well, armor covers well), must let a ton of air through it, and light color scheme. I like the air flow of my fieldsheer breeze jacket but the armor doesn't stay in place. any advice/help on picking a summer mesh jacket would be great. olympia airglide is out as it is too big & bulky, probably due to it being a 3 season jacket."

(the Dainese Shotgun Tex lady above comes in a tan and red color scheme)

Read the thorough, helpful answer that my friend Shelli from the Dainese Store - San Francisco provided here.