Dual Sport / Off Road / Supermoto Boots

It seems equally difficult to find gear for women who love to ride dual sport / off road and/or supermoto too.

So check out these boots that look ready to roll on and off the dirt. One thing that might make you wonder is why some of them are MSRP at $~100 and some are more. Well, I can tell you that AlpineStars and Forma are Italian companies. The Formas are manufactured in Romania too. Something tells me that the construction and protective value of those two are going to be a little bit higher than the others.

Ladies, if you have any experience with these boots, please post a comment for your fellow dirty women riders!



Alpinestars Stella Tech 3
MSRP $199.95

If you're not a pink person, don't worry they come in black or white also.




Adventure Boots

Forma Boots are designed in Italy and manufactured in Romania. I had the opportunity to try these on at the motorcycle shows this past season and wished I had a proper KTM or DRZ to ride with them. I would wear these on my SV In a heartbeat, however. The one thing about them that surprised me is the additional lift in the heel! They offer ~1.5" of additional vertical height. They felt extremely comfortable to walk in.  I tried on a Euro 38 (US 7; although I'm typcally a Euro 37) and they fit me perfectly. They have a nice European fit, so the ankles aren't too wide or loose and they didn't feel too wide for my feet. Unfortunately they aren't distributed in many dealerships, but you can order them directly from Real-Rider.com.


Fox Racing

Comp Boots
MSRP $179.95



Element Boots - 2011 Version
MSRP $109.99

It looks like the 2011s are being cleared out to make room for the 2012 version below.





Element Boots - 2012 Version
MSRP $119.99


Thor MX 

Quadrant Boots

They're awful cute, aren't they? It looks like they're discontinuing the blue ones, since I saw only the grey/black ones on Thor's website.