Women's Motorcycle Pants for Spring or Summer

Here are some recommendations for protective pants that will keep you cool and safe in the warmest of riding conditions.   I highly recommend wearing a good wicking/moisture managing base layer to make your riding pants more comfortable when going on a long ride, especially on a particularly sweaty day. It'll also help your pants fit better, making them easier for on and off (bathroom breaks!) as well.

If you're looking for a pant that has a strong abrasion resistant outer shell, breathability and fit, I hope one of these will work for you.

1. Dainese New Drake Air


If there's something that Dainese is known for, it's Fit and Function. These will fit you like your favorite pair of jeans. With venting on the front of the thighs, it should keep you cool on a warm summer day. I would recommend these for the most petite fits, as it features a smaller starting size of a European 40 (US 0-2) and a narrow, straight leg.

2. REV'IT Tornado

$259.00 (New for 2011)

The Tornado (with a matching jacket) is the ultimate touring pant for women. These have 2 removable liners, one thermal and one waterproof/windproof. The outer shell offers a little more ventilation than the Turbine but offers only Knox Armor and constructed of 86% polyamide, 14% polyester. It also has a slightly different polyester mesh weave. I would also recommend these for a petite fit, as the starting size is European 34 (US 0-2). But if you're a plus size, and need something over a 10-12, I recommend the men's version of these pants.

3. REV'IT Turbine


With a slightly higher price point, you get better armor (ProLife CE), SuperFabric on the knees, and an outer shell constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura®. So you're getting a more protective pant than it's little sister, the Tornado above.  For the hardcore dual sport / adventure / touring rider looking for a pant that's going to protect  you and keep you cool and dry. I would also recommend these for a petite fit, as the starting size is European 34 (US 0-2).

4. Olympia Airglide 3 Overpants


These are the only summer mesh overpants with a full hip to toe zipper!  What you'll also find are velcro adjustments in the pocket where the knee armor fits so you can move it up and down as you need to (especially if you're wearing these on different bikes which can have different seated positions).  These are also a little long on purpose so those of us who are vertically challenged can hem them as needed. Just be careful not to hem them in front of the mirror. Make sure you sit on your bike to know how much length you really might need! I recommend these for the curviest/full figured/plus size girls who need more room in the hips/butt and thighs.   They run up to a true US 18.

5.FirstGear HT Air Overpants


With a mesh construction on the outer shell, these offer a removable, waterproof liner and 2/3 length zippers along the sides.  I like how the 2 front pockets are in a much more useful place than other pants who place them a little too high for my use. It's so much easier to reach for a pocket on your thigh than it is to reach for a pocket way up on your hip.   I would recommend these as an ideal fit for the curviest/full figured/plus size women out there who need something with a wider leg fit.   These also run up to a true US 18.

6. RS Taichi Crossover Mesh Riding Pants

$179.95, MotoLiberty, Scuderia West

These look like a great pant with mesh panels right where you need them. I've never seen these in person, so I'm not entirely sure of the fit. However, with RS Taichi being a Japanese company, the fits tend to be more petite and compact, you could say.

7. BMW AirFlow Pants

$399.99, BWM Motorcycles USA
(Gear & Web EPC/RidersApparel/Overview/MotorcycleSuits/TextileSuits/Airflow Suit)

Unfortunately their website navigation is a little arduous and I'm unable to copy the URLs so I wrote the submenu locations above. I've only tried on the matching Airflow jacket, but from what I've seen with the jacket, I think the pants would be great.  The wonderful thing about BMW is they offer Long and Petite options in many (but not all) of their gear, depending on the model.  These do not appear to come in anything but a standard 4-16. I couldn't find a size chart, but you can view it electronically. You can only find these through BMW Dealers, and not all of them carry gear, so call your local dealer to check. Keepin mind the fitment is petite, and a little narrower overall.